The Mantra: making mindfulness matter more

The Mantra: making mindfulness matter more

For years I have relegated the concept of a mantra to spiritual practices and self-help books, but recently I have begun incorporating the idea of a goal-fulfilling mantra into my daily meditations. In the recent episode of Simple Matters (which can be found here) I discussed the law of attraction and how the concept can be practically implemented in your life; one easy way to remind yourself of goals and motivate positive thinking can be with a simple phrase or mantra.

What you think, you become –Buddha

Whether you fully subscribe to the idea of the law of attraction or skeptically accept that not all correlations in life are a coincidence, the law of attraction can be used as a tool to keep your goals and values at the forefront of your mind, thus motivating you to achieve them.  Though I am averse to over-spiritualizing my health, I have benefited from the practice of meditation, mindfulness, and awareness. Luckily, these practices have become more widely accepted in western medicine for their healing benefits and effect on mind and body psychology.

The law of attraction is, very basically, the idea that whatever you focus on will be attracted into your life. Thus, the good or bad in your life are brought into existence entirely by conscious and unconscious thoughts and energy. While the law of attraction tends to focus heavily on blaming each individual for the bad things that have happened in a person’s life, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the events, I have found that the basic concept of the law can be a useful tool for setting goals and staying positive. Particularly when paired with the practice of meditation/mindfulness.

As a struggling student of meditation, I find staying focused on my breathing (and only my breathing) to be as challenging as keeping my dog’s attention while bacon is being cooked nearby. Luckily, giving my mind an idea, goal or phrase to focus on and repeat during meditation not only helps to reinforce the energy I want throughout my day, it also acts as a mental fidget spinner for my attention deficit mind.

By beginning the day with a mantra such as: “look for the good in others and encourage those around you” or “today you shall be happy, productive and healthy” you put into motion the energy that you want to be reflected back at you and set yourself up to see the world more positively and your goals as more achievable.

Picking a mantra can be a great tool for everyday practice or even just an intensive week of goal accomplishing. Whatever the case, pick a phrase, idea, Bible verse or goal and try using your own energy to influence your life.

Photo courtesy of Eli Defaria